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Chick Charms® Cherry Berry™ Succulents (aka Rocknoll Rosette) Hens & Chicks Succulent - grown in a 3.5" Pot

Chick Charms® Cherry Berry™ Succulents (aka Rocknoll Rosette) Hens & Chicks Succulent - grown in a 3.5" Pot

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You will receive one live plant grown in a 3.5" pot. Some soil will be removed for shipping.

CULTURE: Sempervivum plants need full sun. Plants prefer average to rather poor, sandy or rocky soil, which must drain quickly. Do not fertilize. Space 6" apart. Plants have few problems except when soil is too heavy or too damp. In Europe, plants are often grown tucked into corners of rooftops, without the benefit of any soil at all. That led to another common name, Houseleeks.

SUGGESTED USE: In rock gardens, trough gardens, wall crevices, dry gardens, edging, in strawberry jars or other containers.

"Sempervivum" means "lives forever," which plants seem to do under the correct conditions. The original rosette of leaves dies after it flowers, two, three, or more years after planting. But by then, new offsets are already there to take the place of the mother plant. "Hens and Chickens" refers to the fact that a mature clump reminds one of a hen surrounded by her chicks.

These hardy succulents come to life with their beuautiful pink/red coloring once the weather warms up. 

They are easily cared for - just don't overwater them! Water generously and wait until soil dries to water next.

Sempervivums love the sun but can handle partial shade and so make good houseplants too! Just place by a sunny window. 

They are great for rock gardens or terrariums and can also be used for crafts such as wreaths, wedding favors, and more. 

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Height: 2″
  • Space: 4-6″
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Plant Type: Perennial
Bloom Color: Pink
Bloom Time: Summer

Please note: these are typically shipped out with some soil removed/ partial bareroot to lessen weight for shipping costs. Also, if ordering in the off season - please keep in mind that most photos on listing are taken during peak season (full color ) your succulent will be in a color dormancy stage until warmer temperatures arrive.

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